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VCCL Team of the Year


By: Richard Millot

Cam Wheeler was recently named in the VCCL team of the year adding another achievement to an amazing 2016/2017 season

Eight regional teams of the year were originally forwarded to the VCCL to be considered for inclusion in the Victorian Country Cricket League team. Members of the 2016-17 VCCL team were acknowledged at a plaque presentation at the league’s annual general meeting in Melbourne on Sunday 6th August.

The process was adopted by the VCCL as a way of promoting country cricket and its better performers. It is also seen as a strategy to encourage VCCL selectors to become more familiar with the talented cricketers in all associations in their regions, not just in the major competitions. “It is purely a statistical exercise. The VCCL team of the year is decided on the basis of total runs and wickets, the best averages and the most wicket-keeping dismissals. All other variables are discounted,” VCCL chairman of selectors Kelvin White said.

“By asking all regions to compile their best teams, we have had conversations with people right across country Victoria about the merits of their best performers for the season,” he said.  “Carrying out this exercise shows players that, statistically, they do stack up against one another. We all understand there are different levels of competition but you can only bat and bowl against the players on the other team.  Selecting a statistical VCCL team of the year gives us a starting point for working out our best players, and sorting potential Victorian country squad members for the Australian national championships.”
White admitted the task to select the VCCL team was a fascinating exercise. “So many good players, so many impressive stats,” he said. 

The team contains two opening batsmen, four top and middle order batsmen, an all-rounder, a wicketkeeper and four bowlers, at least one of whom has to be a spinner.

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