COVID Return to Play Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone in the community wants life to return to normal and that includes the return of community sport.  The FTGDCA and every other cricket association in Victoria is working with Cricket Victoria, State Government and Local Government to plan out how we can return to train and play for the coming season.  We have a much clearer view of our pathway out of this now. 


The Questions and answers below have been updated with what we know currently and no doubt there will be further clarifications in the coming weeks.

What's New?

Requirements for hand a ball sanitizing has been relaxed from 10 overs to 20 overs.  This means the following:

  • All senior matches will take a drinks break at 20 overs, hand and ball sanitize.

  • All Div 1 to Div 4 matches will revert back to bowling at each end and not require 10 overs at each end.

  • All junior 40 over matches (20 overs each) will sanitize at the end of their allotted 20 overs (or earlier if the innings is concluded)

  • All junior 50 over matches (25 overs each) will sanitize at the end of 15 overs (or earlier if the innings is concluded)

What this season looks like

Juniors will all be one day games


  • All grades will be one day games

  • The top 4 grades will play a 15 week competition followed by finals.  The top 4 grades commence play at 12:45pm

  • The remaining grades will play a 14 week competition returning from Xmas 1 week later than the top 4 grades

  • Div 1 and Div 2 Finals format remain unchanged and that includes Qualifying/elimination Finals, Preliminary and Grand Finals

  • Sundays on Finals weekends will be reserve days should bad weather interrupt finals matches

All other grades will be played as the 35 over split innings 1 day format.  The B1 format will not be played this season, that grade will become split innings 35 over one day games.  This enables us to manage finals qualifications, draws and gradings far more easily this season.

The top 2 grades (Norm Reeves and DeCoite) will be coloured clothing and white ball cricket including finals.

All other grades are red ball cricket including finals.

What restrictions will exist for training and playing

The restrictions at the moment involve training in groups of 10 plus a coach

  • Net training can occur but only in a group of up to 13 in the nets plus a coach at any one time.

  • 6 groups can now train in an oval separated by 10 meters

  • Players cannot interchange between groups on any one night

What are the restrictions and changes we know about

We have developed a set of temporary playing conditions for both juniors and seniors which has been adopted by all clubs.  They are availbel to be read, downloaded and printed off below

What if you don't agree with the restrictions or conditions

I am sure we have all seen the conspiracy theories swirling around social media as well as people claiming that the restrictions are simply not required.  They are your personal opinions and we wont be entertaining them.  The bottom line is that the governing bodies are defining the rules and conditions for which we can return to play and whether you like it or not they will be the rules we are expected to apply and comply with in order to be allowed to play.  If you disagree with the rules and conditions or do not wish to comply with them then you will most likely find yourself not playing cricket this season.