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COVID Return to Play Frequently Asked Questions

This season we return to a degree of normality (hopefully)  with both one and 2 day games being played and a full season calendar at our disposal.  The key items for this season are as follows:

  • No Shared drinks rule remains in place

  • No shared food rule stays in place (as in afternoon tea)

  • The use of saliva on the ball remains banned, however players are able to use sweat from any area of the body except their face or neck

What are the restrictions and changes we know about

We have updated our playing conditions for both juniors and seniors which has been adopted by all clubs.  They are available to be read, downloaded and printed off below

Player Replacement Policy for 2 day games

We are finalising a policy on how players can be replaqced in 2 day games should they contract COVID.  Once reviewed and finalised we will publish the policy here.

What if you don't agree with the restrictions or conditions

As with last season, we are directed by governing bodies on what restrictions are to be applied.  Whilst everyone is entitled to an opinion they wont be entertained by the Association if they vary from the rules we are obliged to adhere to

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