COVID Return to Play Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have the all clear to start the season, here are the updates on how it will all happen.

Vaccination Requirements

The Victorian State Government has confirmed that your vaccination status will NOT impact or restrict your ability to play, coach or umpire in outdoor cricket this summer.

In order to access your social rooms for after match drinks or social functions or after training drinks/dinner you must be double vaccinated (ages 16 and above).  All clubs will be asking for your vaccination status in order to enter the rooms.  Be it your own club or a club you are visiting you will be asked for your status.  Should you elect to decline to advise your status then the club will have no option but to not allow your entry to the rooms.

Anyone involved in the game itself is able to access and use change rooms and toilets regardless of vaccination status

Please note these rules are not not club rules or association rules - they are State Government rules and reinforced by Local Government.  Should clubs be found to be in breach of those rules there is every chance their rooms and facilities will be taken away from them. Whether you agree with these rules or not is totally irrelevant - they are the rules we are required to operate and exist under and no club is going to take the risk of losing their facilities for any one individual who disagrees with those rules.

QR Code Check In

This season every club will have to use the Service Victoria Check in App at each of their playing locations.  Please ensure that you check in every time you arrive at a venue.  For venues that you will use frequently you can save a check in location as a favourite meaning you do not need to scan a QR Code each time, you just need to check in at a favourite location.

For the remote grounds/shared grounds where there is no pavillion - the home team is to have a QR code sheet available for all players to check in on arrival.

What this season looks like

Juniors will all be one day games with no change to the format from last season


  • All grades will be one day games

  • The top 4 grades will play a 14 week competition followed by finals.  The top 4 grades commence play at 12:45pm

  • The remaining grades will play a 13 week competition returning from Xmas 1 week later than the top 4 grades

  • Div 1 and Div 2 Finals format remain unchanged and that includes Qualifying/elimination Finals, Preliminary and Grand Finals

  • Sundays on Finals weekends will be reserve days should bad weather interrupt finals matches

All other grades will be played as the 35 over split innings 1 day format.  The B1 format will not be played this season. 

The top 4 grades will be coloured clothing and white ball cricket including finals.

All other grades are standard whites/creams and using red ball cricket including finals.

There is to be no shared food (as in no afternoon teas) and no shared drinks - same as last season

Changed restrictions from last season

The use of Saliva on the ball is still banned.  However, players may use sweat from any area except their face or neck

What are the restrictions and changes we know about

We have developed a set of temporary playing conditions for both juniors and seniors which has been adopted by all clubs.  They are availble to be read, downloaded and printed off below

What if you don't agree with the restrictions or conditions

As with last season, we are directed by governing bodies on what restrictions are to be applied.  Whilst everyone is entitled to an opinion they wont be entertained by the Association if they vary from the rules we are obliged to adhere to