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The FTGDCA takes very seriously the health and well being of all of its member clubs, participants and supporters.  The Executive have deemed that due to the current pandemic a policy is required to guide the FTGDCA Executive in managing any breaches of both the FTGDCA Safety Plan and the FTGDCA Return to Sport Checklist.  Both the completed FTGDCA Safety Plan and the completed FTGDCA Return to Sport Checklists are Australian Government requirements for Sports Associations.  Any breaches of these by FTGDCA clubs need to be taken seriously, given that such breaches could cause the cancellation of a season as well as put participants and supporters at risk.

The FTGDCA has a requirement that all participating clubs in the association develop a Safety Plan and complete their return to Sport Checklist and make those plans and checklist available to the association. 

Over time we expect that health polices, prevention policies and guidelines to change as we will keep this page updated when that occurs as well as ensure that all member clubs are kept up to date.

Expectations on Clubs

In summary each club is expected to do the following:

  • Appoint a club COVID Safety Officer

  • The club COVID Safety Officer to complete the COVID-19 infection control training

  • Document and implement and COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • Document and implement a Return to Sport Checklist


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