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2020/21 Senior Finals Playing Conditions

The following playing conditions as determined by the FTGDCA Executive replace, override or are in addition to any playing conditions that are detailed in the FTGDCA rules.


At the delegates meeting held on the 10 March 2021, all club delegates agreed that the core principle during the finals is to do whatever necessary to get the games underway and achieve a result and adhere to the spirit of the game.  The following playing conditions were confirmed by all clubs at that meeting 

Finals Reserve Days

In all finals in all grades this season the Sunday is a reserve day.  The way in which this will work is as follows:

  • If a game cannot commence at all due to bad weather, the match is rescheduled to the Sunday.

  • If a game commences but is washed out within 20 overs, the day is cancelled and the match restarts on the Sunday.  This means that there is a new toss of the coin and the game totally restarts, there is no carry over of anything from the Saturday.

  • If a game commences and exceeds 20 overs and is then washed out the match is considered  a draw and the team higher placed on the ladder will be deemed the winner of the match, except in the DIV 1 & 2 Grand Final where it will be the team that won the qualifying final.

  • On the reserve day, should it be utilised, there is also the option to convert to a T20 game for Divisions 1 -4 should play not be able to commence by 2:30.  As per the rules this decision will be ratified by the executive on the day.

  • If a game cannot commence on a Saturday by 2:30 for Div 1 – 4, the day will be cancelled and the match rescheduled to the Sunday

  • If a game cannot commence on a Saturday by 3:00pm for Div 5 and below, the day will be cancelled and the match will be rescheduled to the Sunday.

Please note that as we have a reserve day, the association will take a very conservative view on allowing play to commence on any Saturday if rain has already arrived.

Fielding Restrictions

  • Fielding restrictions under the one day match conditions only apply to Div 1 and 2

  • Any ball bowled down leg side is an automatic wide only in Div 1 and 2.  Other grades are to use the wide line marked on the pitches.

Umpire Fees

  • 2 umpires – 80 overs - $140

  • 1 umpire – 80 overs - $160 (so $80 per club)

  • 1 umpire – 70 overs - $140. (so 70 per club)

  • Clubs pay the umpires on the day.  Clubs then invoice the Treasurer for Grand Final umpires only.

Rules Reminder

  • Div 1 -4 – If the team bowling first has not completed their overs by 3:45 (in a rain uninterrupted session) they automatically forfeit the match.

  • All Divisions – Captains deemed to be slowing down the game in order to avoid a result occurring will be warned by the umpire and if the umpire instructions are not followed the Captain will be reported.

Player and Supporter Behaviour

All clubs, players and supporters are reminded to adhere to the code of conduct signed by each club at the start of the season and play and support the games in the spirit of cricket.

Bringing your own alcohol to the games

When playing at an away venue it is not ok to bring your own alcohol, it has the potential to breach the licence conditions of the hosting club.  If you wouldn’t want it happening to your own club then why would you to do it to another club.  We are a community league full of volunteers and predominantly amateur cricketers just wanting to play cricket and at a club level survive a tough season to get through to next season.  So do the right thing please.

Game Day COVID Compliance

All players, supporters and members are required to comply with the COVID Safety Plan of the home club and the association.

  • Check in via QR Code or via 1breadcrumb when arriving.

  • Hand sanitize when arriving. 

  • Home teams are to provide the hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes for both clubs.  Where games are played on neutral or shared grounds and there are no facilities, each Captain is to provide hand sanitizer and wipes for their own team.

  • Adhere to social distancing rules.

  • All other match COVID safety measures followed by clubs during the season are to also be followed

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