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Junior Academy - Group 2

Group 2 consists of players from the middle to older age groups and the session timings are from 10.00am until 11.30am on a Saturday morning. Players are required to arrive 5 minutes before the session commences so that they are ready to go at 10.00am.

Week 10

This week Saturday 25 July at Lilydale where we will are going to cover a number of areas:


  • The warm ups will be a bit more high intensity to teach the players how to get their bodies ready to play in a short period of time.

  • We will have our first group of batsmen batting in pairs and then they will disappear to do some keeping training

  • After the first group have finished we will rotate all players through batting and bowling as well as rotating players through the bowling machine with Jason.


Address is 2/64 Cave Hill Rd Lilydale


Approaching Lilydale from Croydon, turn left into Cave Hill Road from Maroondah Highway. The entrance is approximately 200 metres from the Highway on the right.


Proceed through the concrete arch down to the back factory (approximately 100 metres) 

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